About MT transmission conversion

Dear Customers,
Thank you for visiting T3TEC for your better NSX life. We are
ready to provide help as much as we can.
We, however, has receiving similar
inquiry world wide regarding topic of conversion of AT transmission to MT
transmission. If you are about o question about this topic, please kindly read
through before send your inquiry.

NSX transmission conversion is required
certain knowledge and experience as well as several required parts (especially
MT transmission itself or its parts). Since original transmission parts
suppliers stopped manufacturing such required parts, we are currently unable to
supply some parts. Due to the said reason, we are currently stop accepting order
of any AT-MT conversion even in Japan. At this moment, we have no schedule to
re-stock such parts as well as accepting order of the same. We will announce
here in future, if we are again able to supply full parts for this purpose and
to accept order. Thank you for your understanding.

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